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Mohler, prominent Southern Baptist, will be nominated to lead denomination

Campaigns for the presidency of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination are usually tightly scripted, polite affairs in which populist megachurch pastors are typically chosen. But because 2020 is a U.S. presidential election year, there was a desire among leaders of some of the denomination’s agencies and seminaries to avoid an ugly and potentially divisive battle over President Donald Trump.

By Yonat Shimron @ Religion News Service

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New York City will build 250 miles of protected bike lanes as part of a $1.7 billion street safety plan after spike in deaths

The plan could face many challenges. Bike lanes have often faced fierce opposition, including lawsuits and resistance from community boards that balk at having parking spaces removed and worry about the impact on local residents and businesses.

By Emma G. Fitzsimmons @ The New York Times