Covid-19 is ravaging the music world

A dispiriting couple of weeks in the lives of music fans have now climaxed with the death of Bill Withers, whose lean, leathery-tough vocals on such pop classics as “Ain’t No Sunshine,” “Use Me,” “Just the Two of Us” and “Lean on Me” were deeply woven into the soundtracks of several generations’ lives.

Opinion by Gene Seymour @ CNN

Trump questions why NPR exists

Both NPR and PBS operate independently and are not censored or controlled by government officials, differentiating them from other nations’ propaganda outlets, such as Russia’s RT.

A recent Pew survey showed that 31 percent of U.S. adults trust NPR, while 10 percent distrust the media outlet. ABC News is the most-trusted media organization in the U.S., with 48 percent saying they trust the outlet. It was followed by NBC News and CNN (both at 47 percent). CBS News was ranked third (at 45 percent).

By Jason Lemon @ Newsweek

Removal of 27 kids from Montana ranch ‘may be the tip of the iceberg,’ lawmaker says

For more than a decade, religious-affiliated private treatment homes were unregulated and unlicensed. It took only three weeks after a new state law went into effect for the state to crack down.

By Alex Johnson @ NBC News

This news article reminds me of some of the themes reflected in the Bundyville podcasts.

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