Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Rejects Request to Pay Reparations for School’s Ties to Slavery

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In a petition, EmpowerWest wrote, “We call for Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to make an act of repentance and repair to descendants of American slavery for its leading role in crafting a moral and biblical defense of slavery; for its support of the Confederacy; for perpetuating the Lost Cause mentality; and for defending Jim Crow policies. We call the Seminary to transfer a meaningful portion of its financial wealth to a black-led educational institution which is outside the Seminary’s sphere of influence.”

How many demons can dance on the head of a pin?

I came across this article from The Western Journal, a conservative website founded by conservative opinion commentator Floyd Brown, which critiques a HuffPost Q&A session with Penny Lane, director of the documentary Hail Satan?

The critiquing article primarily lamented HuffPost’s failure to correct Lane’s inaccurate depiction of theistic Satanism (as opposed to atheistic Satanism) and its history.

The critique has a modicum of weight to it. There are indeed practitioners of theistic Satanism, in far-right Nazi groups for example. Additionally, The Western Journal article cites Santa Barbara Professor Emeritus Jeffrey Russell’s work on the history of theistic Satanism. I have not read any of Russell’s books, but a review of an Amazon product description to his tome A History of Witchcraft reveals, “Whether the diabolical witchcraft for which men and women went to the stake ever existed is open to question. What matters more is that it was believed by intellectuals and peasants alike.”

Here is a short history of the many incarnations of the the devil as depicted in the Bible from The Biblical Archaeology Society.

King Herod

By Owen Jarus @ LiveScience

King Herod (circa 74 to 4 B.C.) was a king of Judea who ruled the territory with Roman approval.

“Without a doubt [Herod] was the greatest builder in the Holy Land, planning and overseeing the execution of palaces, fortresses, theatres, amphitheatres, harbours, [Masada] and the entire city of Caesarea, and to crown them all, he organized the rebuilding of the Temple of Jerusalem,” Gaza Vermes writes in his posthumous book, “The True Herod.”

Herod also executed one of his at least 10 wives and three of his children.

The ancient historian Josephus claimed that Herod was so despised in his final days and Herod had become so bitter toward his own people, that he asked his sister, Salome, to kill many of them after he died. Salome disobeyed, and released the prisoners upon his death.