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Proud Boys and Antifa Playact Protest in Portland

Leavening the mood is a quartet in chef’s toques, carrying signs that read WHITE FLOUR and WIFE POWER. “We’re standing up to white supremacy with a little humor, highlighting the absurdity,” one says before asking if she can “anoint” me with a sprinkling of flour. Kudos to these folks and others who dressed up and brightened the day.

By Nancy Rommelmann @ Reason

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Removal of 27 kids from Montana ranch ‘may be the tip of the iceberg,’ lawmaker says

For more than a decade, religious-affiliated private treatment homes were unregulated and unlicensed. It took only three weeks after a new state law went into effect for the state to crack down.

By Alex Johnson @ NBC News

This news article reminds me of some of the themes reflected in the Bundyville podcasts.

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