Conspicuous Consumption

In the future, the Kindle and its ilk will be obsolete; indeed, they are already nearly obsolete. Making notes in my Kindle is a laborious and time consuming process, and I cannot cut and paste on the Kindle. Highlighting is easy enough. I do greatly prefer reading on my Kindle than on my iPhone.

For a mere few hundred dollars more I can purchase a futuristic e-reader right now. I am particularly enchanted by the Onyx Boox Nova Pro 7.8 E-Reader, which would set me back about three hundred and nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents. This Onyx e-reader would allow me to write notes in e-books exactly as I do in traditional paper books, except only better. I hesitate purchasing this e-reader for a few reasons, cost being next to the top reason.

There are a few higher end e-readers out there that have excellent note taking features, for three to five hundred dollars. I anticipate that the future will improve the quality of these high-end e-readers while lowering their costs as they are mass marketed, assuming there is a mass market.

The incredible Sony DPT-RP1/B 13″ Digital Paper, for $598 exactly, strictly reads PDF only, so it wouldn’t work as an e-book reader if the file is not a PDF. And it costs $598.

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