Most older adults feel at least 20 years younger than they are

By L.F Carver @ The Conversation

More than half of the people between 65 to 90 years old reported feeling decades younger inside than their chronological age, even though they were living with numerous illnesses. Some said they felt as young as 17. Only eight per cent of the participants felt the same age inside as their chronological age.

I personally would most definitely fall into the eight per cent category. At just over six chronological decades old, I feel older. I feel it in my bones, my joints, my muscles. I feel the the loss of innocence,, the growing skepticism, the creeping cynicism. I feel the age gap, the senior to the junior, the new to the old. I feel it. I feel the years that have passed through my body and I look down through the corridors of time and I see the changes which time has wrought. What a vision to behold!

“Does anything stay the same?” I inquire of myself. I am not a keen enough observer to definitively answer the question. I would suggest that human nature appears to be resistant to change. Our intellectual prowess exceeds our emotional maturity. We are behind time, running after it, always.

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